Pacific Northwest beginning of the week

Deschutes Brewery

Hi guys! I can’t wait to continue my vacation stories..So much to tell. Monday both Kyle and Carolyn had to go to work so Jim and I set out to see what the downtown area as well as The Old Mill District were all about.  I am ashamed to admit that we bought so much “stuff” that we had to buy another suitcase before we left just to bring it all back home!  We shopped and walked around until our {Read More}

Spring Break on The West Coast

Rogue Brewery Portland

Hi Friends!  I have missed you!!!  I have been on the West Coast (Oregon actually) visiting my son, his girlfriend and their dog, Goose.  I have never been that far west before and I found it breathtakingly gorgeous!  Jim and I always go somewhere on Spring break, but in all honesty, we always pick some place warm and tropical, after all, we live in the snowy city of Syracuse and by April, we are OVER IT! This time though, our {Read More}

Staying On Track With Meal Planning

made me smile

Hello from snowy cold North Syracuse. I honestly don’t think spring is ever going to get here.  I have struggled with going anywhere after I get home from work, especially the gym! The kettle bells have been my best fitness friends these days.  They work my whole body and I love them!  I long for SPRING, when I can get outside and run..I would even settle for warmth enough to work out in our garage doing pull ups and box {Read More}

Sleep may be overrated, but I miss it

trying out the new selfie stick-Awesome

I sleep like balls.  I mean I really don’t sleep very well and I am so exhausted today.  We bought a new high-tech mattress with cooling gel and I STILL don’t sleep, although I love the mattress.  I lay there comfortable and AWAKE most every night. You can only imagine what I look like in the morning right after I have fallen asleep and the alarm goes off.  I will give you a hint…It’s not pretty! Yesterday was St. Patricks Day and {Read More}

Cleaning out and finding memories.

Old Boy Scout Books

How is everybody?  I have been spending my time cleaning out our attic.  I cannot even tell you how much time and effort that takes here in North Syracuse at this time of year..It has been freezing! I mean, Bone Chilling cold.  Turns out that we had some insulation in our attic that had slid down the rafters and it was not really doing its job.  Jim and I went up there on Saturday morning and spent all day bring every single {Read More}

People and Places

Oh so true!

Hi All!  I feel like I have ben having a really fun life these days.  I love my job, I went to visit my girl in NC, and last weekend I had my Once A Year Girls Weekend! That pretty much covers every day of the last 2 weeks.  And tomorrow is Valentines Day! I LOVE my Girlfriends. They make me laugh so hard that my face hurts and my sides split!   Every year, I am lucky enough to get away {Read More}

Tropical Breakfast-Overnight Oats

Tropical Overnight Oats

I have been on an “oats” kick for awhile now.  I have been eating steel cut oats on a regular basis that I make in the crock pot.  They are SO Good.  But the last few days I have been making overnight oats for a little variety and adding in whatever strikes my fancy.  This morning I made Tropical Overnight Oats that were seriously the best breakfast.  EVER! I’m a girl who likes breakfast.  Well, I really just like food in general. {Read More}

when Snacking and Wine get the best of me..

simple and effective

I really love Wine.  The rich, dark red that has little to NO residual sugar at all.  I also love to snack while watching TV at night, sometimes not paying any attention to how much food I am actually eating.  Weight Watchers helps to combat overeating with the points system and tracking keeps me accountable but I have found some other tricks to keep my little indulgences to a minimum (although I firmly believe I need to indulge every once {Read More}

My favorite things

maybe the best weight watchers recipe ever

Hi Everybody! I have a snow day today because Syracuse is under a blanket of the beautiful white stuff and it still continues to fall.  I must admit that I am not entirely loving this weather since I just got back from sunny and beautiful Charlotte late last night. I love the sun and warmth but there is something so cozy about being wrapped in winter and snuggling at home for the day.  I was just sitting here thinking about {Read More}

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2015

Green Salad with Roasted Veggies

Good Morning and Happy New Year to you!  I have been reflecting on my year and making my resolutions to make 2015 better and brighter, and especially healthy!  I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season, filled with those you love.  I am so blessed and thankful, and even though Kyle did not come home for the festivities, I spoke to him often and I know that he is happy (even though homesick).  Mackenzie and Finnegan came home for Christmas {Read More}